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Embrace A Stress-Free Life At Vaarivana
22 February 2021

The world we live in today has evolved rapidly in the last few years. Everything is drastically different from our earlier generations from changes in ...

Embrace A Stress-Free Life At Vaarivana
30 October 2020

Mumbai is a city of dreams and hopes; a place that never sleeps. It is considered as one of the busiest cities in India, where both famous and common people reside. But, with so much of hustle and bustle in the city...

Work From Home Can’t Get Any Better than Vaarivana
28 September 2020

The global pandemic and related lockdowns have brought a tremendous shift in our lifestyles. With the majority of organizations opting for work-from-home culture, our professional lives have seen significant changes...

World Of Beauty Within A Cocoon Of Safety
13 August 2020

Who would have thought that the Covid19 pandemic would surge across the globe and end up confining us to the boundaries of our own homes? We can all agree that the major part of 2020 has been defined by a life of isolating...

Home Cleaning Hacks
20 July 2020

During the Covid19 lockdown, most of us have had to renew our relationship with cleaning and household chores. The loss of household help may not have been felt by people who are used to handling domestic duties on their own...

Reasons To Leave The City Behind
9 June 2020

The crux of modern civilization, cities are founded on civic infrastructure and social avenues that bring convenience, comfort and indulgences to your everyday living experience. But our urban lifestyle is also accompanied by rising ...

5 Benefits Of Investing In Vaarivana
19 May 2020

Sprawling over a huge area of 247 acres, Vaarivana is a premium gated community that offers twin villas and luxury villas for sale in Pune district, minutes away from Lonavala Being blessed with beautiful views, year-round pleasant weather, as well as connectivity to Mumbai...

Top Benefits of Investing in a Land Plot
16 April 2020

Investing in real estate is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative forms of investment. Although investing in residential apartments has become the norm, it is not the only option available for investment...

 How to make family vacations memorable at home!
27 March 2020

Family vacations are a great way to get away from the daily stress, enjoy new experiences, forge lasting bonds, and most importantly build lifelong memories. It brings out the adventurous spirit in you...

Apartment v/s Villa: Which Is The Better Investment?
25 February 2020

A property purchase is always going to be an expensive investment, so the final selection needs to be made after due consideration of all the pros and cons. Today, a lot of options are available to home buyers...

Know All About NRI Investments in Real Estate in India
3 February 2020

It is said you can take a person out of India but you can’t take India out of a person! The emotional connection to the homeland is strong even when you live and work outside of your country...

Here's what makes Vaarivana different from communities in Pune
12 December 2019

Generally when we talk about villa homes, they remind us of a vacation home; a place where one takes a break from the daily routine and chooses to relax and refresh...

5 Winter Family Activities To Enjoy At Vaarivana
30 November 2019

This year, monsoons took its own sweet time to disappear. And finally, the winter is here.Well, there's plenty of things to do at Vaarivana this season. Let's take a look...

Urse - an upcoming residential destination in Pune
24 September 2019

Information technology, being the key driver of a city’s economic growth, has proved to be the most important criterion for boosting real estate demand in India...

6 Monsoon Activities To Enjoy At Vaarivana
22 August 2019

The rains in the city are synonymous with drab skies, ankle-deep rivers of mud and stand-still traffic jams. Which is why most people plan getaway trips outside the city...

Everything You Should Know About The PMAY Scheme - Pharande Spaces
15 July 2019

When we usually think of buying a home, our expectations are to firstly find one in a location that is great in terms of convenience and connectivity...

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