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Urse - an upcoming residential destination in Pune
24 September 2019

Information technology, being the key driver of a city’s economic growth, has proved to be the most important criterion for boosting real estate demand in India. This sector presents ample employment opportunities in most metro cities like Pune.

6 Monsoon Activities To Enjoy At Vaarivana
22 August 2019

The rains in the city are synonymous with drab skies, ankle-deep rivers of mud and stand-still traffic jams. Which is why most people plan getaway trips outside the city.But what if you stayed somewhere, where an escape to greener pastures...

Everything You Should Know About The PMAY Scheme - Pharande Spaces
15 July 2019

When we usually think of buying a home, our expectations are to firstly find one in a location that is great in terms of convenience and connectivity. And secondly, one that defines our personality and our style of living, replete with all the features...

All Homes come with their private plots giving you the freedom to design the space where in you can create unforgettable memories

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The projects have been registered via MahaRERA Registration No.: Phase A 1 - MahaRERA No. P52100018391 | Phase C - MahaRERA No. P52100018252 | Phase D 1 - MahaRERA No. P52100018123 and are available at website under registered projects.