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Defined by the immaculate
beauty of nature and the
indispensable urban life.

Vaarivana is a haven of bliss, nestled in the stunning landscape of Urse. Spread across 247 acres, Vaarivana comprises of luxurious private and twin villas that open up countless avenues of green, pure and blissful living.

Artistic Impression
Vaarivana Lawn
Clear Skies, Open Spaces, Fresh Air
& Stunning Vistas, together all of these
create a Paradise called Vaarivana.
Golf Course
Vaarivana Golf Course

Sensitive Designs

Vaarivana is designed to help you lead a healthy, enriched and truly meaningful life. Which is why, the development focusses on maintaining the natural aesthetics intact.

Natural Water Stream
Artistic Impression
A natural water stream within the development

Vaarivana is blessed with a stream that originates in the hills and flows down to the Pavana River

Grand welcome zone
Artistic Impression
welcome zone

Grand welcome zone of around 78,000 sq. ft. Flower garden, water feature, grand amphitheatre and a strolling garden

Nature Parks
Artistic Impression
Nature parks

Native woodlands, nature trail, pond, board walk, waterfall and Butterfly Park

Pocket Gardens
Artistic Impression
Pocket gardens across 80,000 Sq. Ft.

Sit-outs, shrub gardens, native grass gardens and native tree plantations


Nestled in the stunning landscape of Urse, Vaarivana is situated at a height which is just a few feet below Lonavala and is pleasantly much above Khandala. Enjoy stunning views from every home, with a hill on one side and a valley on the other.

Views Of Hills & Valleys
70% Space
As Open Area

Vaarivana is rich with aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sensitive and efficiently purposeful design. We have thoughtfully planned every sector, every street and every corner to achieve this. Therefore, more than 70% of total space here is developed as open and green area.