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Vaarivana comprises of luxurious private and twin villas that open up countless avenues of green, pure & blissfull living.

The stunning 247-acre development is nestled at Urse Central, near the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, just 30 minutes from Baner. So if you’re looking for 3,4 & 5 BHK luxury villas for sale in Pune, or weekend villas near Mumbai, Vaarivana by Pharande Spaces is an ideal choice. You also enjoy the benefits of owning a villa near Lonavala, when you are living just 20 minutes away and around the same altitude, which means you can experience amazing weather and stunning hill-views year-round.

Private Villas
Twin Villas

Private Villas

Experince independent living with luxurious 4 BHK independent villa at Vaarivana.

Planned every sector, every street & every corner to give you a life that's no less than a resort.
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Clear Skies, Open Spaces, Fresh Air & Stunning Vistas, together all of these create a Paradise called Vaarivana.
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