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Monsoon activities at vaarivana

The rains in the city are synonymous with drab skies, ankle-deep rivers of mud and stand-still traffic jams. Which is why most people plan getaway trips outside the city. But what if you stayed somewhere, where an escape to greener pastures wasn’t necessary? A home in Vaarivana promises just that. Say goodbye to traffic congestion and pollution, and experience monsoon’s splendour at its very best.

Here’s all that you can do at Vaarivana during the rainy season.

#1: Dance In A Waterfall

Climbing near the rocks and getting drenched under a waterfall is a monsoon memory you cannot miss out on! At Vaarivana, you’ll come across glistening, gurgling waterfalls across the pristine, rich landscape.

#2: Dip Your Feet In A Natural Stream

Did you know? A beautiful natural stream originating from the mountains flows right through Vaarivana. Sit along the bank, dip your feet in and appreciate a magical monsoon experience!

#3: Go Wild With Nature Photography

Photography enthusiasts rejoice! Vaarivana is a paradise teeming with native woodlands, blooming flower gardens, glittering water features and magnificent green vistas. You can add a picturesque touch to your gallery, or simply capture all this monsoon beauty in your memories.

#4: Explore Stunning Valley Views

Nestled in the majestic landscape of Urse Central, Vaarivana rises high above the clouds and experiences incredible weather year-round. Step into a surreal world with a verdant valley on one side, misty hill-views on the other side, and marbled blue skies above!

#5: Trek In The Rains

Monsoon’s the perfect time to embark on adventurous nature treks and follow mystical trails deep into the woodlands. Imagine a light drizzle above and nature’s pristine beauty all around you!

#6: Play Football In The Rains

What’s better than playing football? Playing football in the rains, on a hill-top! At Vaarivana, don’t forget to get your friends together at the football ground during the monsoon. They’ll be some of the best matches of your life, we promise!

If you’re looking for an urban home that also offers the respite of a vacation villa, Vaarivana is the place to be. The 247-acre integrated township community offers 3BHK villas for sale in Pune, on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.


What activities we enjoy in monsoon?

One can indulge in several monsoon activities during the rainy season. Some of them are listed below:

  • Dance in the rain
  • Nature photography
  • Playing football in open field
  • Trekking/ hiking
  • Enjoy the stunning views with hot drinks

Benefits of living in gated community during monsoon

Gated community provides a host of advantages, one of the most important ones being, top-tier security with professional guards, safe environment for kids, nature-friendly neighbourhood, and a big community living experience.