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Reasons To Spend Your Monsoon At Vaarivana

Reasons To Spend Your Monsoon At Vaarivana

The monsoons revitalize nature in a way that no other season does. Monsoons bring to mind lush green nature, clouds over the mountains, or rain by a tranquil lake. The season invites you to unwind for a few months in the embrace of captivating views and a serene environment. Monsoon getaways have their own charm, but what makes them even more enjoyable is the right destination, the right surroundings, and the right experiences.

Now, what if we told you that all of these can be discovered in one heavenly place? In one beautiful project where you can live a resort-like lifestyle in your own 5, 4, or 3 BHK Villa! Where you don’t have to travel far and long for a getaway. Where serene and peaceful weekends are just a 30-minute drive from the city. Now that is a place you would want to call home!

Presenting Vaarivana – a stunning 247-acre golf villa community designed by Pharande Spaces.

Vaarivana is nestled in Urse Central, about 30 minutes from Baner, along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. So, if you are looking for a 5 BHK Villa in Pune, Vaarivana is one place you should definitely check out before making any homebuying decision. Among many Villas in Pune, Vaarivana is a project that facilitates luxury abodes and a range of lifestyle features that enhance your living experience here. Also, it gives you the vibe of a luxury stay in the monsoon. Now isn’t that a great feeling?

Let us explore more such reasons to spend your Monsoon at Vaarivana.

Vaarivana – The serene haven!

Nature’s exquisite beauty and the necessity of urban life define this place. Vaarivana is a paradise of happiness tucked amid Urse’s breathtaking scenery. Vaarivana is a densely natural estate with luxury villas that open endless avenues for a green, clean, and pleasant life.

    • Private Villas:

Now you get clear skies, open spaces, and a 6-hole golf course with the luxury of villa living. At Vaarivana, indulge in community living with 3 & 4 BHK independent & twin villas. To enjoy your privacy at best, you just don’t get a private pool but a private terrace. Adding more to your private paradise, Vaarivana offers you a double-height living room & a garden along the periphery. This Monsoon, enjoy your vibrant community living right at your doorstep.

Not just this, but Vaarivana is strategically located in the beautiful Urse environment at a height just a few feet below Lonavala and delightfully above Khandala. Every residence has amazing Monsoon views, with a hill on one side and a valley on the other that adds more to life.

    • Resort-like Lifestyle:

Why do we call Vaarivana a place that has a resort-like lifestyle? Well, you get to enjoy an array of amenities that can only be seen in a resort. Enjoy world-class amenities like:

      • Pocket gardens spread across 80,000 sq.Ft.
      • Nature parks Flower gardens
      • Strolling gardens
      • Butterfly & waterfall park
      • Native woodlands
      • Ponds, sit-outs & shrub gardens

Experience pure bliss & add more to life at Vaarivana. Welcome to a naturally blessed estate with every sector, every corner, and every street giving you a lifestyle that is no less than a resort. Enjoy the scenic views spread across this beautiful project by Pharande spaces.

    • Mesmerizing Views:

Many wish to live in a peaceful location surrounded by nature with breathtaking vistas in today’s time. There are numerous great benefits of living near greenery and relaxing landscapes, ranging from healthy living to peace of mind and a better mood. Vaarivana is a dream haven with all lifestyle amenities and is set in a tranquil location surrounded by lush greenery.

No need to step out of your home for sightseeing! With Vaarivana, the picturesque location with scenic views, now comes to your doorstep. Gaze into the clear skies, play in open spaces, breathe in the fresh air, dive into the beauty of stunning vistas, and get an experience that feels like paradise.

    • A perfect location for a perfect getaway

Vaarivana, a new world of quiet and tranquilly located just 20 minutes from Hinjawadi, is replete with aesthetically beautiful, ecologically sensitive, and efficiently useful design. As a result, more than 70% of the total space has been created as open and green space.

Vaarivana is located in the charming Western Ghats, about 20 minutes from Lonavala amidst a beautiful hillside. In the Monsoon, you can enjoy pleasant weather and magnificent views of hills and a green valley. During Monsoon, enjoy seamless proximity to:

    • Hinjawadi
    • Talawade IT park
    • Lonavala
    • Mumbai

Summing Up:

What more to expect when you get everything by sitting in one place? At Vaarivana, enjoy your Monsoon with your loved ones. Play, Relive, Rewind & enjoy the best time right here. With several nature-centric amenities & specifications, enjoy your time at Vaarivana’s 3, 4 or 5 BHK villas!

With these great insights, we are sure you would like to experience the life that Vaarivana offers. Come discover a project that is beautifully set in the lap of nature to elevate your lifestyle.