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Home cleaning hacks

During the Covid19 lockdown, most of us have had to renew our relationship with cleaning and household chores. The loss of household help may not have been felt by people who are used to handling domestic duties on their own. However, for the families who rely on their invaluable housekeeping staff or cooks, the transition will be a lot harder.For the first few days, cleaning may even seem therapeutic to some, but this novelty will quickly wear off. It’s worse when you’re working remotely and having to take care of kids at home. The general sentiment around household cleaning is that it is a chore that – although essential – is bothersome, time-consuming and disliked by most.

But don’t worry. We have some easy house cleaning hacks up our sleeve that will save your time and leave your home looking spick and span in half the effort. Take a look!

1: Divide & Conquer

Draw up a list of chores and allot duties on a rotational basis to each family member. Take turns and help each other out with sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floors, dusting and wiping surfaces, and scrubbing, soaping and rinsing utensils. At the end of the day, teamwork wins over household work.

2: Task-Wise, Not Room-Wise

Instead of completing the cleaning of one room, complete one chore though the entire house. For example, sweep all the floors of every room first and then move on to mopping. This way you don’t waste too much time on a single room, and get more tasks knocked off your list.

3: Dust From Top To Bottom

One of the best home cleaning hacks is to dust the higher surfaces from left to right and then move to the lower surfaces. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean all the tops of furniture, desks, dresser drawers, shelves, picture frames and display accessories.

4: Wipe Glass & Mirrors

Use a glass cleaner spray on mirrors, glass table tops and windows and wipe them down for a sparkling finish.

5: Clean The Floors

Sweep the floors daily and use a mop on alternate days. Focus on being quick and efficient rather than being too thorough.

6: Do the Bathrooms

The bathroom is easy! Make sure you clean the bathroom floors with plain water during your bath-time. This can be done every alternate day. Once a week, you can wipe the bathroom fittings and counter with a damp microfiber cloth and scrub the sink bowl with soap. Don’t forget to clean the toilets with a liquid cleaner over the weekend.

7: Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

The best thing to do is to go for one-pot minimalistic meals and use as less cooking vessels, crockery and cutlery as possible. Keep individual drinking glasses for water aside and reuse them for the entire day. Let garbage disposal be a rotational responsibility.

8: Vacuum Once A Week

Carpets and fabric upholstery can collect quite a lot of dust over the week. Allot a day for vacuuming to keep your furniture and carpets dust-free.

We hope you found this step-by-step guide with cleaning tips and hacks useful! It’s absolutely okay to give one or two steps a miss now and then; your house isn’t going to turn into a mess overnight. Just be consistent without wasting too much time on one task.A clean and tidy home ensures a healthy, hygienic and safe indoor environment, which is the need of the hour during these trying times. If you’re interested in investing in beautiful villas near Mumbai or luxury villas for sale in Pune, you can take a look at Vaarivana.


What are the 7 steps to cleaning a house?

There are seven super powerful steps to cleaning house that can make your house clutter-free and organized.

Collaborative effort: Allocate tasks based on each family member’s interests and abilities, fostering fairness and teamwork in managing household chores.

Focused approach: Break down cleaning tasks into specific areas, rather than tackling entire rooms, to avoid feeling overwhelmed and maintain productivity.

Smart dusting technique: Begin cleaning from the highest surfaces, working your way down, to prevent the need for repetitive cleaning caused by falling dust.

Daily upkeep: Establish a regular schedule for cleaning bathrooms and floors to promote hygiene and create a pleasant living environment.

Efficient kitchen maintenance: Adopt a proactive approach by cleaning up as you go, promptly wiping surfaces, and dedicating time each week for thorough kitchen cleaning.

Streamlined living: Regularly declutter your living spaces, removing unnecessary items, to create an organized and simplified environment, making cleaning easier and more enjoyable.

Structured cleaning routines: Develop a well-planned schedule or checklist to stay organized, ensuring that all areas of the house receive the attention they deserve, resulting in a well-maintained and harmonious home.


What is the correct order of home cleaning

Achieve cleanliness and orderliness with this comprehensive home cleaning guide. Begin by decluttering and organizing to create a tidy space. Dust surfaces from top to bottom, ensuring furniture, shelves, and fixtures are free from dust. Thoroughly clean floors by vacuuming or sweeping to remove dirt and debris. Pay special attention to bathroom cleaning, focusing on toilets, sinks, showers, and countertops. In the kitchen, wipe down surfaces, clean appliances, and sanitize the area. Finish by cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. Finally, mop or spot clean floors for a fresh and tidy finish. This step-by-step approach ensures a clean and inviting home environment.

What is a good home cleaning hack?

Home cleaning can be a challenging task, requiring either the assistance of a maid or personal involvement in day-to-day cleaning. However, there is a home cleaning hack that anyone can adopt to maintain a happy and hygienic living environment. Dust meticulously from top to bottom, ensuring all furniture, shelves, and fixtures are free from dust. Use vacuuming or sweeping techniques to thoroughly clean floors and eliminate dirt and debris. Focus on bathroom cleaning, giving special attention to toilets, sinks, showers, and countertops. In the kitchen, wipe down surfaces, clean appliances, and sanitize thoroughly.