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Luxury Villas In Pune

The arrival of summer makes most people prefer to stay indoors. People from Mumbai start moving to places like Lonavala, Talegaon, and Pune for weekend stays. Being a coastal city, Mumbai records high temperatures, making people move to relatively cooler places for some time. Vaarivana villas come as a perfect getaway destination for people living in Mumbai and Pune. Its strategic location helps you experience the serenity of a hill station and being close to nature. Just imagine owning a villa of your own in such an exotic location. Vaarivana will be the perfect summer getaway for your whole family. Here are 5 reasons to spend summers at Vaarivana.

  • Vibrant & Luxurious Setting

The gated community of Vaarivana comprises alluring open, airy villas. You get a premium 3 & 4 bedrooms with a private terrace, garden along the periphery, double-height living room and an optional private plunge pool. The plunge pool is the perfect place to soak in and relax to beat the summer heat.

  • The Best Place For Summer Vacation

You can explore nature with the futuristic amenities offered at Vaarivana villas. Vaarivana comprises luxurious private and twin villas for a calm and sustainable living experience. Amenities like multiple play parks, outdoor gyms, senior citizen areas, and reflexology paths give ample activities to choose from and allow everyone to fit in and work towards their individual growth and attain mental peace.

  • The Perfect Summer Camp

Expand your summer bucket list activities with Vaarivana’s nature-centric activities. Get the exclusive opportunity to explore nature parks including native woodlands, nature trails, ponds, boardwalks, waterfall, and butterfly park.

  • Activities To Do In Summer At Vaarivana Villas

There are a lot of activities to do in summer at Vaarivana that caters to the needs and likings of all age groups. Here is a sneak peek into some of the prominent activities you can indulge at Vaarivana.

      • For all golf enthusiasts, the 6-hole golf course is a paradise. Being the only golf villa township project in West Pune, Vaarivana offers a spectacular 247-acre golf villa community.
      • Indulge in healthy well-being at the beautifully designed pocket gardens across the 80,000 sq. ft. project.
      • Grand welcome zone of around 78,000 sq. ft. with a flower garden, strolling garden, a grand amphitheatre, and gorgeous landscapes.
      • Yoga spots and play parks spread around 1,10,000 sq. ft. for everyone’s indulgences. You and your family can have a taste of as many sports as you want!
  • Fun Places To Go In The Summer With Your Family

There are a lot of fun things to do and a lot of places to go this summer with family. The strategic location of Vaarivana villas gives easy access to travel to Lonavala, Baner, and Mumbai. The Mumbai-Pune Highway gives Vaarivana a lot of advantages in terms of convenience and connectivity. All you need is a 20-minute drive to reach your favourite hotspots in Lonavala, such as Tiger’s Leap, Karla & Bhaja Caves, Lonavala lake, etc.
In addition, Baner, one of the most happening hotspots of West Pune can be reached in minutes. So, you can enjoy the delightful experiences with your family & loved ones.

The strategic location with thoughtful amenities makes Vaarivana an amazing endeavour by Pharande Spaces. The great view and a healthy, clean environment is the perfect combination for spending the summer vacation. The perfect balance of luxury and comfort, with a sustainable environment, gives your family a chance for holistic development. Owning a 5 bhk villa in pune with the Vaarivana project will propel your lifestyle by redefining luxury living.
The Vaarivana villa offers state-of-the-art amenities, with a widespread acknowledgement of it being the first golf villa community in Pune. So, why not choose the best lifestyle option that’s close to everything!


What are typical summer activities?

Summer is a fantastic season that brings happiness to every family member, especially when those school-going kids are on a well-deserved break! The entire house buzzes with relaxation and bliss. And when it comes to family summer excursions, you can indulge in some typical summer activities and get ready for some serious bonding! Dive into the calm swimming pool waters, roam nature parks leisurely, and unleash your inner athlete with games like golf, cricket, and more. Let the nostalgic memories flow and make this summer an unforgettable fiesta of family togetherness!

What sports can be done at home?

During the summer, there are various sports that can be enjoyed right at home. Sports that can be done at home may include badminton, table tennis, or mini golf in your backyard or garden. Set up a temporary volleyball or basketball net and have fun playing with family and friends. Additionally, you can try indoor exercises like yoga, aerobics, or dance workouts. These sports and activities provide a great way to stay active and have fun without leaving the comfort of your home.