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Villas in pune

Pune has emerged as a real estate hub in the last few years with its excellent infrastructure development and connectivity. The growth of the real estate market and the increase in the number of buyers is tremendous in the city, and it is expected to rise further as per the statistics.In Pune, you get modern residential and commercial projects that offer world-class features and amenities from premium to affordable. Real estate investment in Pune has grown in the new normal as more and more people are seeking an urban lifestyle with utmost comfort. From private apartments to villas in Pune, homebuyers are in search of homes with all essential and modern infrastructure, well-connected to all modern-day necessities.


Home buying is the most crucial and emotional investment in everyone’s life. Buying a home is not only about the property but it’s about providing a secure and happy life to our loved ones. Most homebuyers plan to buy their dream homes during the auspicious days of the festive season to commence their new life with the happiness and positivity of such a period. Buying property in Pune this festive season is a dream that will become a reality for many homebuyers and investors. After the lockdown, the number of homebuyers has increased drastically as people have realized the significance of owning a property. With such an increase in the number of new and young homebuyers, this festive season offers the perfect opportunity period for property investment.


The boom of buyers in the festive season results from amazing deals and discounts offered by developers and sellers that attract many potential buyers. The numerous benefits and advantages provided by developers certainly enhance the buying experience. Here are some of the amazing benefits for property investment in Pune this festive season.

Reduced prices

One of the most exciting benefits homebuyers enjoy during the festive season is reduced prices on properties. Developers offer great discounts on their projects that allow buyers to go for the premium projects as it helps their overall budget.

Prevalent offers

From flexible payment options to customizable homes during the festive season, homebuyers get multiple offers and schemes that are unbelievable and almost impossible to get during a non-festive period.

Reduced home loan rates

In the festive season, banks and financial institutions offer home loans with comparatively reduced interest rates that encourage home buyers to buy properties during this period. Buying apartments and villas in Pune during this festive season can be a smart investment, as you can save a considerable amount with attractive home loan interest rates.

Relaxation on stamp duty

Both developers and different state governments are providing some relaxation on stamps to promote affordable housing. Moreover, female homebuyers can get additional stamp duty privileges from 1-2 % in different states.

Multiple buying options

As many real estate developers launch their projects during the festive season home, buyers get multiple buying options. You can buy the most suitable home that fulfills all your requirements, from different configurations of apartments to 4 BHK and 5 BHK villas in Pune.

It’s a great idea to invest in Pune’s Real Estate market during this festive season. If you are looking for a life that’s secure while being in the midst of nature then explore Vaarivana by Pharande Spaces, one of the most trusted real estate brands in Pune. At Vaarivana, you can experience true serenity, thanks to its quiet and beautiful surroundings and top-notch modern amenities. So, book your dream home at Vaarivana and grab all the exciting benefits this festive season has to offer.


1. Why is Pune good for real estate?

Pune’s great infrastructural development and connections have helped it become a real estate powerhouse in recent years. According to data, the city’s real estate market has experienced significant development, and there are now more purchasers than ever. Pune’s real estate market has observed a tremendous growth over a period of time. Buying property in Pune is one of the most profitable investment options.

2. Is it good to buy a flat in Pune now?

It has long been acknowledged that purchasing residential real estate is one of the best investments you can make. Especially in Pune, the process of buying the properties is also currently pretty modest. Banks and other financial institutions are concurrently providing house loans at truly historic low rates. Also, with the MAHA RERA in place, homebuyers can be rest assured of the timely delivery and completion of the projects. Hence, real estate investment in Pune or property investment in Pune can prove to be a strategic decision to enhance your portfolio.