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A property purchase is always going to be an expensive investment, so the final selection needs to be made after due consideration of all the pros and cons. Today, a lot of options are available to home buyers in terms of house types. Nuclear families favour apartments while large families lean towards villas. So, if you are in the process of deciding whether to opt for a villa or an apartment, here are some factors to consider.

Cost effectiveness:

Price is the most sensitive factor that determines a property purchase. You will definitely spend a lot more on purchasing a villa than an apartment, even if it’s a luxury apartment.


Apartments are much easier to maintain and cost less too. Villas incur higher maintenance as not only the house, but also the garden and common space have to be cared for. In terms of security too, an apartment complex (with all-round security) is much safer than an independent villa.


Owning a villa is a matter of prestige but most of these independent villa complexes tend to be located on the outskirts of the city. If you are looking for daily conveniences at your doorstep (schools, hospitals, offices etc.), then an apartment, as it will be located within city limits, will be the wiser option.

Real estate appreciation:

Locality and demographics play an important part in determining whether the property you have purchased will appreciate soundly in the long term. Generally, properties in the cities tend to show much greater appreciation in value than those on the outskirts.

Ease & flexibility in customization:

In case of modifying your home as per your taste, villas win hands down. Apartments are either under construction or ready-to-move-in units that are made as per the builder’s specifications. On the other hand, you can modify, add/subtract, and adjust space, design, interiors and exteriors in a villa completely to your liking!

While there is no simple choice, as both apartments and villas have their own advantages or disadvantages, the golden median would be to buy a villa in a gated complex that gives you your space & independence while taking care of maintenance and security!

A great option for buyers interested in villas near Mumbai is Vaarivana from Pharande Spaces, a premium residential project of 3 and 4 BHK luxury villas for sale in Pune. Set amidst vast green spaces and offering top class amenities, including a 6-hole golf course, combined with brilliant views of hills and valleys, Vaarivana is the perfect option to buy an independent house in Pune.

Vaarivana is conveniently situated at Urse on the old Mumbai-Pune highway – a strategic location close to Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala – so buyers looking for villas near Pune or even villas in Talegaon should find this premium complex very interesting!


What is potential return on investment (ROI) differ between apartments and villas?

Villa investment is typically a preferred choice for homebuyers as it yields higher returns and rentals rather than apartments. Depending on the property’ location and facilities, the ROI may differ.

What are the differences between living in an apartment and living in a house?

Living in an apartment vs living in a house come with a multitude of differences, particularly regarding a few main factors. Houses usually have ample private space, private lifestyle, and freedom whereas apartments are constraint to four walls.