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Generally when we talk about villa homes, they remind us of a vacation home; a place where one takes a break from the daily routine and chooses to relax and refresh. How about if you find that in your home every day? Life can get monotonous but coming home every day to a space that reminds you of nature’s countless joys is just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from being the largest first-home villa community in Urse, Pune, Vaarivana opens up several avenues of blissful living. A well-crafted 4 BHK villa in Pune for yourself and your family can be found here at Vaarivana. A villa for sale in Pune, just the right kind that you’re looking for, is hard to come by usually but the villa homes at Vaarivana make it possible and how!

So, what makes Vaarivana so unique and a cut above the rest of the villa communities in Pune? This villa community is nestled in the stunning landscape of Urse, comprising of luxurious private and twin villas, spread across 247 acres of lush green hues. While being inspired by nature, Vaarivana strikes the perfect balance between nature’s bounty and the urban lifestyle.

Apart from this, the most distinguishing feature of Vaarivana is the 6-hole golf course that lets you take a swing and better your puts. Moreover, the environmentally sensitive designs make sure that the natural aesthetics are intact. Every corner is thoughtfully planned so it does not disturb nature’s balance. Keeping this aspect in mind, more than 70% of total space here is developed as open and green area.

Additionally this first-home golf villa community is designed to help you lead an enriched and meaningful lifestyle. A grand welcome zone with handpicked amenities, nature parks, pocket gardens and much more gives you plenty of avenues to indulge in. The cutting edge infrastructure gives you the experience of true township living.Now, the location of the property makes a huge difference in how it is perceived. Vaarivana happens to be right at the centre of Mumbai and Pune offering excellent connectivity to both these cities. Moreover, the hill stations of Lonavala, Khandala and Talegaon are close by for a weekend getaway. A winning location, well-designed community, plenty of lush greens, handpicked amenities, and a beautifully landscaped 6-hole golf course make Vaarivana the perfect place to come home to every day. If you’d love to know more of what this beautiful first-home villa community offers, come over and see for yourself.