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How Your Monsoon Looks At Vaarivana!

How Your Monsoon Looks At Vaarivana!

Monsoons are here, and so is the big list of serene destinations, which you can explore during the season. What if we told you, that you don’t need to travel for hours to experience monsoon’s bliss? Surreal, isn’t it? We present you Vaarivana, a heavenly project of thoughtfully designed 4 and 5 BHK independent villas by Pharande Spaces. This is not just a mere vacation destination, but this is a place you can call home. A space that is an ode to serenity, a haven amidst majestic mountains where monsoons feel like nothing less than a festival.

With an array of opulent facilities, and breathtaking indulgences, this project marks one of the best residential places to live during monsoons and otherwise. From water streams to sit-outs to nature parks, this is a paradise of 247 acres and is laid out perfectly for your comfort & convenience.

In this blog ahead, you will find out why you should choose such villas and enjoy the perks of being surrounded by awesome views of nature, especially during rainy season! So, let’s dive into this journey and find out more.

Imaginations coming true

Imagine gazing at cloudy skies, feeling the cool breeze, and embracing how clouds and mountains seamlessly blend when it rains heavily, here, all these picture-perfect scenarios come to life. Not just this but the indulgences, the facilities, and a lush green golf course view adds more beauty to this one-of-a-kind project.

The facilities that make Vaarivana a monsoon retreat!

  • A 247-acre golf villa community

Defined by the immaculate beauty of nature, indispensable urban life, and wrapped in the stunning landscape of Urse Central, Vaarivana is surrounded by countless green avenues and a 6-hole golf course.

Maintaining the natural aesthetic intact, monsoons look marvelous in this setting. Be it your first or second vacation home, this space can make your life healthy, peaceful, and fulfilling. Wrapped in the bounty of nature, 70% of the space here is filled with greenery making it an ideal place to stay and enjoy the rainy season.

  • Breathtaking hill & valley views

Get ready to experience the unmatched feeling of living amidst hills & valleys. While in monsoons, it would be a getaway for many, but it can be an everyday living experience for you. No need to travel miles away searching for rich and enchanting views as you get to embrace it every day.

With thoughtful detailing to every sector, every corner, and every street, this is a place that is no less than a resort. Nestled in Urse Central, this is a perfect location close to Lonavala and closer to prime hot spots in Pune. Here, indulge in community living while being in proximity to majestic mountains and blissful views. Life is full of happiness, and now is your chance to find it here!

  • Relax, rejuvenate, and reset life

From theme gardens to sit-outs to cutting-edge infra, this project opens a world of unparalleled, unprecedented, unimaginable experiences just for you. Be it 50,000 sq. Ft. of clubhouse, pocket gardens across 80,000 sq. Ft., 78,000 sq. Ft. of flower gardens, water features, a grand amphitheater, and a strolling garden, Vaarivana is blessed with the best.

Now imagine enjoying all these immaculately tailored experiences while it rains right outside. May it be binge-watching a movie in the amphitheater or be it taking a stroll in the native woodlands, do it all in this paradise.

Explore smartly designed 4 & 5 BHK luxury villas that offer a lifestyle that is a testament to your personality. Now, bask in the glory of nature while enjoying endless greenery around you. From a double height living room, private plunge pool to private garden along the periphery, you get an experience that is unmatched!

  • Serene & green neighborhood

Located amidst mountains and valleys, this project by Pharande Spaces is the most pristine address. This is an escape that is just 30 mins from Baner and in proximity to Mumbai and Lonavala.

While major hotspots in the city are just a quick drive away, you get to live a holistic lifestyle amidst lush green environments. Here, get ready to experience the calmness and enjoy the resort kind of lifestyle, which is equally close to Mumbai and Pune!


Wander through the sprawling 247 acres of Vaarivana and immerse yourself in the harmony of rain and nature.

Discover peaceful sounds blending with chattering birds and rustling foliage. Lose yourself in the foggy panoramas that unfurl before you, where undulating hills and mist-laden valleys encourage meditation and amazement.

As the monsoon envelops, slow down a little and appreciate the beauty of the rain-kissed earth. Find peace in the patter of rain and witness the marvel of nature’s rejuvenation. Rediscover the purest kind of tranquility and connection with the natural world here. Embrace a resort-like living, every day.


What are the different types of villas?

There are different types of villas, including:

  • Independent Villas: Stand-alone villas with their own private land and amenities.
  • Duplex Villas: Villas with two floors, offering more living space.
  • Golf Course Villas: Villas located within or near a golf course, offering scenic views and access to golfing facilities.

What does community villa mean?

A community villa is a house located in a planned community where residents share amenities and spaces with their neighbors. It provides a sense of belonging and offers both privacy and opportunities for social interaction in a well-designed neighborhood.

What are the features of a gated community?

The features of a gated community include controlled access with security measures, such as gates and guards, creating a safe and secure environment. They often offer amenities like parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, fitness centres, and community spaces for social gatherings, fostering a sense of community.