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Top 5 Amenities To Check Before Buying a Residential Or Villa Project

Top 5 Amenities To Check Before Buying a Residential Or Villa Project

Owning a home is a dream for everyone, and people desire a complete package when it comes to their dream abode. Home design is constantly evolving, so it has become a dire need for builders and designers to keep up with the latest trends in order to create a timeless project that suits the needs of modern-age homebuyers.

Having the ability to come home to a well-built home that supports a healthy lifestyle is essential for many people. A well-constructed home with plenty of daily features that support a nurturing lifestyle is key to creating a comfortable environment. Homebuilders take this into account when designing residential projects and villas.

When you wish to invest in luxury homes, you must look into some essential amenities the housing project must possess. These amenities can range from basic requirements such as good infrastructure and health care facilities to luxurious amenities such as swimming pools or golf courses.

Whatever the amenity, the project must meet your luxurious lifestyle, specific needs, and expectations.

A Residential/Villa Project’s Must-haves

With its incredible opportunities and amenities, Pune is no less than a dream destination for property buyers.

Given below are some must-have amenities that all residential projects or villas in Pune should offer their residents: –

    1. Connectivity

Ideally, the project should have easy access to public transit so that inhabitants may quickly travel around the city. It covers both mass transport and vehicle choices. The surrounding region should have strong road connections so inhabitants can quickly go to their destinations without getting stuck in traffic. It comprises not just main roadways but also minor streets and alleys.

    1. Greenery

Lush landscaping, gardens, and ponds are standard home or villa development features. It enhances the area’s aesthetic value and serves a practical purpose by reducing the impact of air pollution and providing a haven for local fauna. Shade from the sun during the day and a gentle breeze at night are just two ways that plants may assist save on energy costs.

    1. Recreation

Sports like cricket, badminton, basketball, and football, among others, may be played outside and give hours of entertainment. Fun can’t be topped by anything short of a theatre or amusement area.

When planning the layout of your house, you may want to think about including the following:

      • An amphitheater with enough room for a sizable audience
      • A sizable grass for practicing sports like cricket, football, and badminton
      • A sunlit garden furnished with lounge chairs and drink tables
    1. Leisure Spots

Consider the facilities at your disposal while making plans for your free time. Some of the essential features of luxury villas in Pune include:

Here are a few must-have features for these sorts of projects:

A pool or spa: Whether a modest backyard pool or a fancy spa, it may be a terrific way to unwind after a hard day.

A Park: Children will enjoy playing on a playground in your project, and it may also be a fantastic place for adults to relax.

A Workout Facility: Accessing a fitness center may help people stay fit and active and promote healthy living practices.

A Clubhouse: A clubhouse allows inhabitants to mingle and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

An Alfresco Kitchenette: An open kitchen is ideal for preparing various delectable meals while taking in the scenery.

    1. Parking Space

Developers put a lot of thinking into what features homeowners could need and desire. Builders often add garages and parking lots, either covered or uncovered, in new residential and villa developments. Most developers only provide one parking space unless you purchase a 3/4-BHK or bigger unit.

There is talk of multi-vehicle parking garages being offered by certain developers. Whatever the case, parking is a must-have feature for every prospective resident.


The idea of being able to work and live wherever you choose is the source of many people’s fantasies. You’ll need to equip your residential or villa development with a few key features if you want to realize this vision.

On the Pune-Mumbai Highway sits the eco-friendly luxury 3/4 BHK Villa Project Vaarivana. Here, homeowners have easy access to all the comforts of the contemporary world. Many aspects of Vaarivana’s design and infrastructure are meant to sustainably enhance residents’ quality of life.

These luxury villas in Pune cater to cutting-edge amenities, including a state-of-the-art clubhouse, fitness center, yoga studio, fully stocked kitchenette, children’s play area, tennis court, golf course, and more. Security personnel and cameras are on-site at all times in this development.

Today, a worry-free lifestyle calls for more and more accessories. Whatever the situation, having these elements in place will put people at rest and encourage investment.


1. What are the basic amenities for housing?

The basic amenities a luxury home should have are connectivity, greenery, recreation, leisure spots which includes a pool or spa, park, workout facility, clubhouse, and a parking space amongst many others.

2. What are the advantages of landscape gardening?

Landscaping is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your property. Following are its advantages:

  • It appreciates the value of your property
  • It increases energy efficiency
  • It minimizes air pollution
  • It enhances the quality of ground water
  • It creates community spaces
  • It’s eco-friendly

You can find incredible landscaping at many luxury villas in Pune.

3. Why is it important to have recreational facilities?

Recreational facilities play an important role for a community and have multiple health benefits. These facilities offer opportunities for people to be active and communicate with others. It breeds the feeling of collective belongingness. Here are a few of the ways how recreational facilities make a difference:

  • It helps in developing a community and inclusivity
  • It helps in developing a culture focused on wellness
  • It helps in promoting social responsibility

Many villas in Pune have recreational facilities for building a vibrant community.

4. What makes a villa special?

Following are the factors, which make a villa special:

  • Amenities
  • Prime Locality
  • Aesthetics – Fittings & Fixtures
  • Lifestyle – Community Living
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Security & Safety Features
  • Spaciousness & more

You can find most of these qualities in Vaarivana villas.