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Vaarivana: The Only Golf-Villa Plot Township in West Pune

Vaarivana Plots

Pune is known for its calm and pleasant weather. And living in a villa community in the city further provides such a serene lifestyle. You too can experience such a lavish and sustainable lifestyle in West Pune with the golf-community project — Vaarivana by Pharande Spaces.

The project offers 5 BHK Villa in Pune nestled in a 247-acre golf villa community. The massive development is located at Urse Central, near Mumbai – Pune Expressway and Baner. At Vaarivana, you get to experience hillside views, clear skies, stunning vistas, and nice weather, which is no less than a paradise. Vaarivana’s villas in Pune offer premium amenities handpicked by the best architects to ensure a holistic lifestyle experience.

Discover Natural Bliss at Vaarivana

Vaarivana’s luxurious golf villa offers more to life than just ordinary living. Our inspiration for integrating urban living without taking away the natural beauty and preserving the environmental sanctity sets Vaarivana apart from other villa projects in Pune. The nature-sensitive design of the whole project makes it unique as the 70% open spaces of the project are filled with breath-taking views of the hills & valley, giving it a raw aesthetic look to the urban lifestyle.

Community Lifestyle Like Nowhere Else

The gated community villas in Pune offer you premium experiences through 3 & 4 bedroom independent & twin villas, optional private plunge pool, double-height living room, garden along the periphery, and a private terrace. Furthermore, approx. 50,000 sq. ft. clubhouse with a 6-hole golf course is a unique feature that enhances this community living experience.

In addition, the project also caters to all age groups and offers a sports ground for football, a meditation zone that caters to people from all walks of life. People who like to lead an active lifestyle by including tracks for jogging and cycling are also kept in mind while designing community-based experiences. As such people who like to read books in peace and quiet have the privilege of reading in corners and open garden cafes.

Ample Amenities For Every Age Group

Vaarivana is Pune’s first golf villa community in Pune offering lifestyle amenities like nature parks, pocket gardens, multiple play parks covering around 1,10,000 sq. ft. In addition, the state-of-the-art infrastructure of Vaarivana makes it complete and self-sustaining.

All essential and emergent facilities are available within the community itself. These facilities include a school, medical centre, convenient shopping complex, fire station for emergencies, police station, 24X7 security system, e-governance, etc. In order to meet the eco-friendly requirements, the villa community also includes rainwater harvesting and a water treatment plant.

Close To Nature, Closer To The City

With your villa at Vaarivana, you get to experience a peaceful lifestyle with all luxuries of life without getting completely cut off from Pune city. The connectivity and accessibility with Mumbai-Pune Expressway and proximity to Baner keep you close to the city. Furthermore, you can easily travel to Lonavala and Mumbai whenever needed.

Join Pune’s First First-Home Golf-Villa Community

The amazing location and thoughtful amenities make Vaarivana an amazing endeavour by Pharande Spaces. With your villa at Vaarivana villa township, you have the chance to give your family the perfect environment to live naturally and take a stride towards development.

Hence, this is your perfect opportunity to invest in a home that will not only keep you happy and satisfied but also promotes healthy living away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Investing in Vaarivana will open up new avenues for your future growth with a modern lifestyle, spacious villas, and premium specifications that will increase the rate of appreciation of the property. So, why not choose the best lifestyle at your disposal. For more information visit our website now.


What is a villa plot vs a normal plot?

A villa plot is a type of land specifically designated for constructing a villa or a luxury home. Unlike a normal plot, a villa plot is often located in a gated community or a residential project, offering exclusive amenities and a higher standard of living.

Are villa plots a good investment?

Villa plots can be a lucrative investment due to their high potential for appreciation and the opportunity to build a customized home. With the right location and trusted developer like Vaarivana, plot investment offers a great chance to enjoy luxury living and secure long-term returns.

What is a villa plot?

A villa plot refers to a designated area of land within a larger residential development specifically intended for constructing individual villas or houses. It provides homeowners the opportunity to design and build their dream homes according to their preferences and enjoy the benefits of a spacious and private living space.