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Home around water bodies

Water is one of the most needed resources to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. It is not just used in our daily household work and to quench our thirst but also to maintain peace and harmony in our lives. Having houses around surrounding bodies of water is a surreal experience, soothing, and can also prove to be therapeutic. Coupled with some good flora, water bodies around the house is a good way to get one step closer to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

There are some exquisite luxury villas for sale in Pune that are surrounded by water bodies. The water streams and ponds adorn the abodes beautifully and maintain the tranquillity of the place. Here’s why you need to consider having natural water bodies around your house.

The Colour of Water

The sparkling blue colour has a very soothing and calming effect on the mind. On top of that, it also creates peaceful and positive vibes. When you wake up and look at those beautiful water bodies graced by vibrant sun rays, negativity, sadness, and depressive thoughts disappear in seconds. So, for all those who prefer an eco-friendly lifestyle, looking for houses with plants and water bodies around, this is the best option for them.

The Soothing Therapy

The influence that water has on us, also called the water impact, can do a lot to drain out that long day’s stress from our body. When you watch those subtle ripples of the water, the sound of the flowing stream, the birds chirping, and lush greenery – this scenic view will relax the racing hearts and improve the creative potential of a person.

The Neurological Benefits of Water

You would have heard a lot about the neurological influence of water. Be it in seminars, presentations and events, and scholars talk a lot about water’s neuro-influence. What do these tell us? Water can calm down and interrupt the negative signals that travel to our brain. Watching and staying near water bodies can eliminate fight hormones in the body, giving a person a physical and mental break from stress.

Kids Leave Gadgets Behind

This type of green living around natural water bodies can influence your child’s physical and mental growth. They will be motivated to go out and play, enjoy aesthetic beauty, and understand the importance of climate and natural life. Have you heard of that famous saying – nature is your best teacher? You are providing your kids with the best here!

Places you can consider around Lonavala

Lonavala is known as one of the best tourist attractions, especially for its natural beauty. With surrounding water bodies and vibrant greens, the place looks ethereal during the monsoons.

The Villas near Lonavala make the best use of the natural charm and have some of the hill station’s best views. One of the best properties you can check out is Vaarivana by Pharande Space. The villas are surrounded by colourful flora, butterfly-themed parks, terrace waterfalls, and a unique Golf court. Varivana strongly believes in these aspects, and the same is reflected in the layout of their 5, 4 and 3 BHK luxury villas for sale in Pune.


What is the importance of water bodies in urban areas?

The importance of water bodies is essential for the environment, as well as for humans and animals. They offer tranquility, relaxation, and a soothing environment. Water bodies contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, and their presence provides neurological benefits by reducing stress and improving mental well-being.