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The Impact of Mumbai-Pune Expressway in Real Estate

The Impact of Mumbai-Pune Expressway in Real Estate

Real estate development in Pune has witnessed a significant shift, owing to the city’s overall growth and status as India’s automobile industry hub. With the rise of IT firms settling in the city, Pune has become a magnet for people from all over India, seeking both job opportunities and their dream homes. Numerous real estate developers are introducing new projects to meet these demands, focusing on luxury houses to attract potential homebuyers in Pune’s thriving real estate market.

Lately, Pune has been facing affordability challenges, leading to a reduction in apartment sizes. Despite this, apartments in Pune are still more spacious compared to Mumbai. With Mumbai’s real estate development unable to meet the demand for luxurious communities with big houses, people are turning to the mid-spot of Pune. The areas closer to Mumbai-Pune Expressway are the new hotspots for people to buy not only their weekend home but their first home. They can relish luxury and serenity here, striking the perfect balance between urban conveniences and peaceful living.

The Mumbai-Pune corridor has long been recognized as the beating heart of India’s economic growth, with Mumbai being the financial hub and Pune experiencing rapid development. These two cities have attracted a massive influx of people from various corners of the country, allured by the promise of better opportunities and a higher quality of life. The inward migration has not only transformed the landscape of these cities but has also played a pivotal role in the booming real estate sectors of Mumbai and Pune.

The Real Estate Boom Through Inward Migration

The increasing demand for residential places has driven the development of ambitious real estate projects, each vying to offer the best amenities and modern living experiences. In Mumbai, soaring skyscrapers and premium residential complexes have become common, while Pune has witnessed the mushrooming of gated communities and tech parks.

This trend of inward migration has not only escalated the demand for properties but has also paved the way for strategic investments in real estate. Homebuyers and investors alike are keen on making the most of this flourishing market, leading to the rise of exceptional projects like Vaarivana by Pharande Spaces.

Vaarivana by Pharande Spaces: Abodes above the ordinary

Nestled along the scenic Mumbai-Pune highway, Vaarivana is an exemplary residential project that stands out as a potential investment option. From its connectivity to social infrastructure, high appreciation potential, prospects, and nearby advantages, this project boasts many features that make it a worthy consideration for homebuyers and investors. The following pointers provide comprehensive project details, enhancing clarity and understanding of the Vaarivana project.

  • Connectivity

Vaarivana’s strategic location in Urse Central, one of the best locations in Pune, offers exceptional connectivity to both Pune and Mumbai. The proposed 30-meter-wide road to Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Hinjewadi will significantly reduce travel time, while the proposed 45-meter-wide BRTS corridor will connect Vaarivana to Pradhikaran and Nigdi—the upcoming junction of the PMRDA ring road, Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Vaarivana’s accessibility will be unparalleled, making it a desirable investment destination for home buyers and investors seeking seamless connections to two vibrant cities.

  • Social infrastructure

Vaarivana is not just an isolated gated community; a robust social infrastructure envelops it in urban design. Top-notch schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and recreational facilities are within proximity, ensuring that residents can access all necessary amenities without much hassle. Such social amenities enrich the living experience and add value to Vaarivana as a real estate investment.

  • High appreciation potential

The Vaarivana project in Urse Central, Pune, holds immense potential for a high appreciation rate due to multiple factors. Its excellent connectivity to Pune and Mumbai, upcoming infrastructure projects, and the soaring demand for villa homes in well-connected areas contribute to its attractiveness to investors. A limited supply of villa homes in the project also ensures higher prices. Additionally, Pune’s popularity as an IT and ITeS destination, the growth of PMRDA, the development of Pune Metro, and the proposed Virgin Hyperloop further bolster the project’s chances of significant appreciation in the real estate market. While no guarantees can be made, Vaarivana appears promising for high returns.

  • Promising Future Prospects

Investing in a property is not just about the present; it’s also about envisioning a prosperous future. Vaarivana is designed futuristic, incorporating sustainable practices and eco-friendly features. As the demand for environmentally conscious living spaces rises, Vaarivana is poised to remain relevant and attractive.

  • Nearby Advantages

Vaarivana’s strategic location also offers the advantage of proximity to the picturesque hill station of Lonavala. Residents will have easy access to Lonavala’s lush green landscapes, majestic waterfalls, historic caves, and pleasant weather. The serene beauty and its various tourist attractions provide residents with an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.


The Mumbai-Pune corridor, with Mumbai as the financial growth hub and Pune rapidly growing in its wake, has witnessed an incredible real estate boom due to inward migration. The ever-increasing demand for properties has given rise to remarkable projects like Vaarivana by Pharande Spaces. With its impeccable connectivity, abundant social infrastructure, high appreciation potential, promising prospects, and nearby advantages of Lonavala, Vaarivana stands tall as one of the best investment options on the Mumbai-Pune highway.

For those seeking not only a home but also a wise investment, Vaarivana offers the perfect blend of modern living and long-term growth potential. This gated villa community offers experiential living amidst tranquil hills and valleys. While there are several benefits of villas, privacy, spaciousness, and luxury stand out as the primary benefits. As the Mumbai-Pune corridor continues flourishing, Vaarivana promises to be the jewel in its crown – an oasis of comfort and luxury amidst the thriving real estate arena.


Where is the best area in Pune for property investment?

The best area in Pune for property investment is Mumbai-Pune expressway. With tons of infrastructure development, there are plenty of projects you can invest in.

Which is the best location for property investment around Pune Mumbai expressway?

Urse-central is one of the most thriving locations on Pune-Mumbai Expressway and is ideal for investment. Pune is developing rapidly and during this time investing in highway properties would be one of the smartest decisions.

What is the effect of infrastructure on real estate?

The impact of infrastructure on real estate is pretty solid. It almost defines the value of the property along with the future development of the location. A good social and civic infrastructure is a must when you are making a real estate investment.