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Plotted Development: The Next Big Emerging Real Estate Trend 

Plotted Development Trend

Plots are sections of land that have been improved by adding infrastructure, including roads, services, and utilities – it is a good investment option for anybody, from novices to seasoned property enthusiasts. In this regard, it is important to note how plotted developments are emerging as one of the most popular trends in India in today’s time.

Plotted developments provide land areas for the development of villas, homes, or offices. Developers are focusing on making the new communities more appealing by adding parks and public transportation to meet the growing demand for land. Therefore, for investors today, owning and developing a plot is a smart move!

Investing in plots may provide returns in capital appreciation, rental income, and tax deductions in the long run. Also, you will have full control over the building process and can design your home the way you want.

Plotted Development: Is It the Next Big Thing?

Let’s look at the five reasons why plotted development can be considered to be the next big thing in 2023:


    1. Affordability: Perfect for Budget-Savvy Investors


In case you need a reliable real estate investment at a reasonable price, buying land as an investment might be a good idea. Investing in vacant lots can be a great way to save money because the cost of the land is often less than the cost of a finished house. Because of this,  Vaarivana Plots, a planned development project, stands out as the optimal way to acquire property at reasonable prices.


    1. Development Flexibility: Unlocking Plotted Developments


Since master-planned communities are already flexible, people have more freedom to design the home of their dreams there. With a planned complex, the homeowner may choose every detail, including the landscape, the building materials, and the way of life, in a way that is rarely possible with prefabricated homes. Investing and developing a plot gives you the freedom to create a home that is uniquely yours in every way.


    1. ROI: Plots as Investment Power


Plots are among the most reliable real estate investments. Land prices have steadily increased with demand, making a transaction more profitable. Returns should exponentially increase. These plotted developments provide low-risk, high-return investments.


    1. Privacy: Plotted Developments Ensure Security and Accessibility


Buying a parcel of land might be a great option for individuals who want to escape the city but yet be near to all the action. Compared to living in an apartment complex with many people, living on your own land gives you more privacy, security, and quietude. Furthermore, plotted developments’ round-the-clock security and monitoring system ensures a peaceful, quiet, and safe setting.


    1. High-End Amenities: Luxury Lifestyle at Your Doorstep!


High-end conveniences that would improve your quality of life are included in the planned community. The clubhouse, fitness center, sports courts, garden, and gated community are just a few of the numerous amenities. Vaarivana is an excellent investment because of its high living standard and convenient services.


There will always be demand for plots of land in the housing market, especially for the construction of villas. If you are looking to buy villa plots, Vaarivana has it all. From a pristine environment, and easy access to the urban hubs of Mumbai and Pune to well-planned and modern infrastructure, they have everything you’re looking for. You can live in the best suburb and have access to all amenities, like a jogging track, a swimming pool, and beautiful gardens.

So, why delay? Don’t pass up the chance to experience the benefits of buying land as investment and enjoy of suburban life with  Vaarivana! If you have questions, reach out to the experts today.


1. What are the top real estate trends for 2023?

The surge in the post-pandemic real estate market has given many residents the opportunity to fulfill their dream of owning a home in their desired destination at an affordable price range. Real estate trends for 2023 have changed drastically as there is more demand for budget-savvy open plots. The steady increase in land prices increased the demand for villa plots as they have exponentially high ROIOI. The plots developed under gated communities, which have fitness centers, sports courts, round-the-clock security services, are in more demand.

2. What is the difference between a villa and plotted development?

Open villa land is in high demand in the housing market, particularly among urbanized citizens of Pune and Mumbai who are willing to invest in self-developed villas with access to modern and luxurious amenities. With so many options available in the market, it can be confusing for buyers to choose between a ready-made villa and plotted villa land. Essentially, a villa is a house that is developed or under development and designed by a builder. On the other hand, plotted development is a type of residential development where the land is divided into individual plots that individuals or builders can be purchased by individuals or builders. The buyers can then construct their own homes on the plots according to their preferences and needs.

3. What is the concept for plotted development?

Plotted developments are land divisions made for sale or lease, consisting of plots designed for housing development. The plots are often of the same dimensions and are typically divided by a network of roads. Plotted development offers luxurious amenities, making it a smart investment in the real estate market. If you are looking for an affordable investment option, villa plots can be the right choice as the cost of villa land is often lower than that of a complete house or ready apartment. Considering the ROI (return on investment) is also a significant factor when looking for investment opportunities.

4. Why invest in plotted development?

Investing in plotted development can be a good deal for many reasons, including affordability, flexibility, higher ROI, and higher chances of property appreciation. Urbanized smart property buyers are choosing villa plots from recognized builders. The control over the design, architecture, and quality of material used to build the house is another important aspect of choosing a villa land. Most of the plotted development projects are in high-growth potential areas, which can lead to higher appreciation in property values over time.