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Live Life With Plenty Of ‘Me Time’ At Vaarivana

Villas Near Lonavala


The contemporary time belongs to the millennials who are profoundly caught up in the Home-Work-Home pattern. They step out, do the corporate chores, face the city’s hustle and bustle, come back home, and sleep. The pattern repeats the next day. Even if they wish to have some family time, the thought seems too tiring after a full day’s work. And those who want to have some me-time are a very far off concept. But it’s possible to bring some recreational time and vital energy into your lives. You just have to choose your living space wisely.

Vaarivana – The World of Aesthetic Beauty

If you are looking for a villa for sale in Pune, Vaarivana will be the right choice for you. The wide-spread property is the perfect haven for a nature lover. After being exposed to polluted city air, you can come back to an abode that resembles the countryside. The property has a lush green atmosphere with all the right amenities that will keep you and your family occupied. You can heave a sigh of relief while enjoying the custom created recreational activities that will allow you to spend some me-time with yourself. The property will guide you towards peace and tranquillity – the two rare treasures of the present times.


The villas are spread out in a 247-acre of serene space. The property is quite close to Lonavala, so if you are primarily looking for villas near Lonavala, Vaarivana will be a perfect fit for your criteria. It is situated only a few feet below Lonavala and has the best view of the hills and other villas. It is a silent therapy for those who find happiness in Nature.

Why is Vaarivana a Perfect Paradise?

1: 6-hole Golf Course

Golf is a luxury game that can take all the stress off of your shoulders. You can spend some time making the right swings and watch your ball find its destination. The golf course is enormous, and you can get your family out on Sundays and enjoy some cheers and laughs. The villas’ most significant golf course is a unique amenity only the Vaarivana residents have access to. And the golf course looks gorgeous and is undoubtedly a status symbol too.

2: Private Plunge Pool

No, you won’t be waiting in line to have access to the pool. The best way to spend quality time with family is to dive into a sublime pool. While your kids splash some water here and there, you can take a swim or two to flex those muscles and feel healthy again.

3: Themed Gardens – Butterfly gardens

Nature Parks are beautiful, relaxing, and also the perfect classrooms for your kids. They can learn from the trees’ sway, the whispers of the air, and the flowers’ colours. You have a butterfly garden where the wing-flapping visitors will entertain your kids.

4: Waterfall & water bodies

You don’t have to travel to exotic places to witness the hum of the waterfalls. Vaarivana has a waterfall and a pond that is sure to please at any time of the day. You can sit by the water bodies, read a book or even spend time with your family in your closed space.

5: The double-height Living Room

If you like spending time with family in the living room, you will fall in love with our layouts. The double-height living room has a huge feel to it, more like a properly designed hotel space. You can relax on your couch, enjoy the royal feel of the indoors, or watch Netflix and chill!

6: Welcome Garden

This is a grand display of everything natural – trees, bushes, shrubs, and flowers. It is spread out in a 78,000 square feet area and sets the mood right whenever you enter the property from outside. You can walk and enjoy breathing in the fresh air to feel more calm and composed.

We love the idea of living in the lap of Nature. It is the best therapist, the good friend everyone needs, and helps everyone spend some me-time with themselves. Vaarivana focuses on enriching the living experience by syncing your villas with Nature’s tranquillity. Our amenities will help you spend some quality time with yourself and your family. These well-thought-out facilities are only found with Vaarivana and nowhere else. Come, explore the beauty of this place & make it your home.


What are the benefits of living close to nature?

The main benefit of living close to nature is you get to breathe a lot of fresh air. Along with that, your stress level naturally minimizes. Nature has the power to keep you motivated and creative. It also helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits of human and nature interaction?

Human and nature interaction helps you uplift your mood and evoke a sense of calmness within. It might reduce your anger and help you enhance your behavior and emotions. It also helps you to elevate your well-being and maintain healthy lifestyle practices.

What is an aesthetic environment?

The aesthetic environment can be termed as the interaction between an individual and nature or environment.