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6 Reasons Why Buying a Villa at Vaarivana is Better than a 3 BHK in West Pune

Gated Community Villas In Pune

Buying a home is an emotional and crucial decision in everyone’s life that should be considered a lifetime investment or one that yields commendable returns in resale. In the new normal, when we don’t have any alternative for working from home and spending most of the time indoors, it is paramount to buy a home that translates into a comfortable and happy life.

As the real estate industry keeps on evolving to meet the new market demands and homebuyers requirements, it is essential to buy a futuristic home that complements your modern lifestyle. However, with various options available for residential projects, it becomes difficult for homebuyers to choose the ideal home that suits their requirement and budget. So if you are someone who is confused between investing in a villa community or an apartment project, this blog will clear all your doubts and prove why buying a 4 & 3 BHK villa in Pune is a smart option.

Here’s our list of 6 points that make investing in villa communities the better decision.


While buying a new house, location plays a crucial role In the decision-making process. Homebuyers opt for properties located in serene and sophisticated neighbourhoods for a stress-free life in the new normal. Vaarivana is one such project located just 20 minutes away from Lonavala and around the same altitude providing you scenic views and fantastic weather to live in. Furthermore, here you live away from all the city’s hustle & bustle, noise, and pollution and can enjoy a resort-like living experience for a lifetime with your family.


When your dream home is situated in a connected locality, life becomes more accessible and convenient. To provide homebuyers with connected living, developers are now choosing a strategic location for their villa community projects, ensuring seamless connectivity to various parts of the city. For example, Vaarivana is located just a few minutes away from Wakad and other prime areas in West Pune. So, buying a house in Vaarivana will undoubtedly make your daily commuting and city travelling effortless.


Home buying in Vaarivana can be the best decision of your life. It will bring you the best of both worlds for living a luxurious life considering it as a summer vacation home or as an investment for renting out or resale for handsome returns. Since the community is usually premium, you’re sure to get a commendable return. Also, the area is developing rapidly, and shortly, it’ll be the next giant hotspot for real estate.


Security is always a huge priority of homebuyers as it is essential to ensure the safety of loved ones. With the premium gated community villas in Pune and other locations, you are always bound to get top-notch security. At Vaarivana, you get 24/7 security service, including a CCTV surveillance facility that will allow you to live peacefully without worry and stress.

Quality of life

Premium villa projects in Pune like Vaarivana offer homes that are spacious and customizable. You can customize your rooms as per your preferences and make your work and study space for better productivity. To add to that, here you get world-class amenities and facilities that will certainly enhance your living standard. The fantastic blend of a healthier atmosphere and various lifestyle amenities will allow you to make your free time with your family memorable and fun. Some of the impressive amenities at Vaarivana include:

  • Grand welcome zone
  • Nature parks
  • Pocket gardens
  • Play parks
  • Theme gardens
  • Community living
  • Infrastructure and many more

Peace of mind

Living a chaotic free, peaceful life amid greenery and scenic views is a luxury that you won’t get at every project. All the comfort and convenience offered by Vaarivana will improve your peace of mind, making you mentally calm and healthy. Buying luxury villas for sale at Vaarivana will open the doors of happiness in your life as it is proven to be outstanding from every dimension.


Now that you know how beneficial buying a villa property can be near West Pune, it will be easier for you to find a premium 3 and 4 BHK villa in Pune. In addition, the excellent reputation and track record of Pharande Spaces further ensure a smooth buying experience.

From connectivity to the beautiful views and lifestyle amenities like the largest golf villa community in Pune makes Vaarivana a dream project. So if you were constantly searching for “villas near me for sale” online, you have undoubtedly found what you were opting for. So to experience the luxury and premium villas at Vaarivana, contact us and book your site visit soon.



What is the difference between villas and apartments?

The main difference between villas and apartments lies in their structure and ownership. Villas are standalone houses with their own land, offering more privacy and space, while apartments are part of a larger building complex and usually owned by individuals within that complex.

What to consider before buying a villa?

When considering buying a villa, it’s essential to evaluate the location, accessibility, appreciation potential, security measures, quality of life, and peace of mind it offers. Factors like amenities, customization options, and the developer’s reputation should also be considered for a satisfying purchase. Buying a villa involves long-term investment, so thorough research and site visits are crucial before making the decision.